Receiving:  Dropping Off Items

  • Please see the ‘Schedule & Location’ tab above for Receiving dates, hours & location.
  • Sellers check-in at the entrance door by handing a staff member their ‘registration confirmation page’. You will have printed this page at home after registering on line for the upcoming sale.
  • Please do not forget your ‘registration confirmation page’. If forgotten, this will significantly slow down your check-in time. After printing, place in your car for safekeeping.
  • Sellers are responsible for placing their own items in the appropriate areas. Please plan enough time to place your items out and be able to exit Super Hearts Kids Consignment Sale by closing time.  It will be very helpful to have a wagon or large stroller to bring your items into the building.
  • Pre-sort your items by size, gender and category for a faster drop off process.
  • Sellers are NOT ALLOWED to tag any items while inside the building at Super Hearts Kids Consignment Sale. For security of items, please tag at home or by your car, but NOT inside Super Hearts Kids Consignment Sale. Thank you.



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