Tagging Questions:

We do not accept any tags from sales other than Super Hearts.   You must use a Super Hearts Kids tag printed off our website in order to sell at the Super Hearts Kids Consignment Sale.   This policy is in place to protect the Seller and make sure that the right person is paid for their items.

* May I reuse my tags from the previous Super Hearts Kids Consignment Sale?  Yes, you may use the tags you have from the previous sale. You will need to make sure that you register for the current sale and double check your sort #.  The sort number is found in the bottom right corner of the tag.  If your sort # is different, you can still use the same tag but will need to use a sticker to cover the old sort number and write in the new sort number.  The sort number is extremely important as we use this number to sort all unsold items at the end of the sale.  This is the number you will look for when picking up your items.

* Do I have to use metal hangers?  Metal hangers are preferred but you can use plastic if you cannot find metal hangers. They can be kid or adult sized hangers. Hangers can be found at dry cleaners or from someone who may where uniforms on a regular basis.

* Can someone else drop off, and pick up for me? Yes, they will need to bring a copy of the ‘unsold items pick-up release form’, filled out and signed by the Seller. They will also need their driver’s license to leave the building with your items.

If you plan to send someone other than yourself to pick up items, please print the unsold items release form allowing them to leave the building with your items.  This form is mandatory.   You may print the ‘unsold items release form‘ off of the PICKING UP UNSOLD ITEMS chalkboard in Seller University.

* How do I tag small items, onesies, or shoes? Put small items in a ziplock bag and place the tag inside of the zip lock bag so that it can be seen. Zip the bag closed and use packing tape to tape down the top flap of the bag.  You may also safety pin small items to a hanger and hang in the appropriate size section on the clothing racks.  Clothing on racks will sell better than clothing in zip lock bags. Shoes should be zip-tied together if there is a place on the shoes for that or they can be placed in a zip lock bag.

Please visit our Pinterest page for lots of tagging videos.

* How do I tag my item so that it does NOT sell for 1/2 price? When printing tags, you will be asked if you want your items to be discounted.  If you do not wish for a certain item to go 1/2 price, simply choose ‘NO” when asked about the discount.   The words ‘FULL PRICE’ will appear on your tag below the price and our system will automatically charge the shopper full price when checking out.

* How do I know what items I have sold and if there are any items left for me to pick up?  Super Hearts Kids Consignment Sale runs in Non-Inventory Mode. This means that no inventory is kept of items that seller’s bring in or sell.  When a seller’s item is sold, the barcode scanner reads the seller’s consignor number and the price.  It then saves all of this information so we know who to pay when checks are mailed out.  At the end of each NIGHT of the sale, we will post your estimated earnings to your Super Hearts account.  This will help give you an idea of how much you have sold and to know if there are items left over.  Within a week after the end of the sale, we will also post a detailed Seller’s Report to your account.  This report will show how many items you sold and the price that each item sold for.  It WILL NOT include a description of the item as we use non-inventory mode.

When you check in at the door during drop-off, we will be keeping track of who will be returning to pick up their items.  If you would like to receive a text message from us letting you know that you have items left over and you tagged your items with color tags, you can leave us your cell phone number and sort number.  We will send out a group text letting these people know that they have items to pick up.

* What happens to donated items?  A majority of donated items are given to the Asbury United Methodist Church Mobile Clothing Ministry.  This ministry travels to different areas in Lee and Chatham Counties serving those in need.  Maternity items and baby equipment items are given to the Pregnancy Outreach Crisis Center and to the Chatham County Health Department.  Both of these agencies work closely with women/families in need of these types of supplies.  Thank you for your consideration in donating your unsold items to those in need.

For answers regarding the Work Exchange program, please click on the Work Exchange tab at the top of the page.



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