Pricing Hints:

PRICE TO SELL! There’s nothing more rewarding than cleaning out your closets AND making money at the same time!

Let things go for 1/2 price on the last day of the sale! It’s better to get 50% and clean out your closets than to get items back that you don’t need.   When printing your tags, only say ‘NO’ to the discount option on the select few items that you do not want to go 1/2 price the last day of the sale.   If you plan to donate your unsold items by tagging with a white tag, definitely say ‘YES’ to the discount option when printing your tags!

A good rule-of-thumb for ALL types of items: price 1/4 – 1/3 of the original retail. This varies according to the brand of your items and the condition they are in. Generally items should never be priced over 1/3 the original price unless they are new, never used, in the original packaging or with tags.

DON’T UNDER PRICE! Do not price at super low ‘yard sale’ prices. Super Hearts is loved by Sellers because you can truly make 1/4 – 1/3 back from your items. We’re looking for a ‘win-win’ situation for both Buyers & Sellers!

If you have NO IDEA and can’t find the original price, here are some guidelines to follow:



$2-4 for play shirts & shorts

$3-6 for nicer shirts or shorts

$4-10 for nice 2-piece outfits

$4-8 for jeans or khakis

$5-15 for nice dresses

$8-18 for multiple-piece sets

These are examples for your more common brands, such as Carters, GAP, Ralph Lauren, Children’s Place, Old Navy, Osh Kosh, Gymboree, etc. Boutique and European brands such as Baby Lulu, Baby Nay, Mis Tee V Us, Strasburg, Orient Expressed, Matilda Jane, Peaches N Cream, Baby Sara, etc. could be priced at 30-35% of retail or $2-8 higher than the prices above, depending on their condition.



Toddler shoes: $4-6.

Flip-flops: under $3.

Current, name-brand shoes in excellent condition: $8-10

Boutique branded shoes: $10+




(Prices vary greatly based on their condition, style and features.)

Average Single Stroller Price: $20-$65

Double strollers and Infant combos are price higher on average.

Google Search for the original price and then choose 1/4 – 1/3 based on condition.

Cribs: usually range from $25-100 (depending on their age, style, condition and brand.)

Boutique cribs could go as high as several hundred. Price 1/4 – 1/3 or the original price.

Infant swings: $25 – $65

Highchairs: $25 – $50

Note: We do not accept drop side cribs.  We do no accept matresses.

Walkers and Bouncy Seats: $8-25.

Exer-saucers: $10-35.

Car Seats: $15-50

Pack-n-Plays: $10-50.


MISC: DVD’s: $1-8.

This guide recommendation is meant to get you started. You are free to price your items more or less than the average range.


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