Frequently Asked Questions

Find FAQ's for Consigning, Volunteering & Shopping.

Can I use tags/barcodes from other consignment sales?

It is a possibility.  If the other tags are from a sale that uses My Sale Manager, that sale runs in non-inventory mode and looks just like our tags, then you may be able to use those tags. Your consignor number from the other sale would also have to be available in our system. If you would like to try to use tags from a sale other than Super Hearts, please contact us via email and we will decide if those tags can be used.

Can I use my tags from the previous or past Super Hearts sales?

Yes, you may use the tags you have from the previous sale. You will need to register for the current sale and double check your sort #.  Once registered, your sort # for the current sale can be found in the fifth section down. The sort number is found in the bottom right corner of the tag.  If your sort # is different, you can still use the same tag but will need to use a sticker to cover the old sort number and write in the new sort number.  The sort number is extremely important as we use this number to sort all unsold items at the end of the sale.  This is the number you will look for when picking up your items.

Can I print tags between sales?

Yes, as long as you were registered for the very last sale that was run.  You will be able to still log in and print tags. You will also need to remember that the sort number from that sale to the new sale may change and you will need to check that once registered for the new sale and correct sort numbers on your tags if needed.

Do I have to use metal hangers?

Metal hangers are preferred. If you cannot find metal hangers, the plastic hangers are okay. They can be kid or adult sized hangers. Hangers can be found at dry cleaners or from someone who may where uniforms on a regular basis. Please make sure your garments are securely attached to the hanger no matter what type you use.

Can someone else drop-off and pick up for me?

Yes. If dropping off, they must present the Consignor Confirmation Registration page that you printed when you registered. If picking up, they will need to bring a copy of the ‘unsold items pick-up release form’, filled out and signed by the Seller. They will also need their driver’s license to leave the building with your items.  If you need to print either of these forms, visit the Find Forms Here Tab under Super Consigning 101.

Can I pick up my unsold items early?

No. Early pick-up of unsold items is NOT allowed. Sorting is a trenuous and busy job and it only adds confusion when someone returns to pick-up items before the scheduled time.

May I come in during sorting/breakdown and pull my own items?

Absolutely NOT! No one is allowed to be in the building during sorting/breakdown except staff and those who are volunteering. No one is allowed to come in to pull only their items.

How do I tag small items, onsies, or shoes?

Put small items in a ziplock bag and place the tag inside of the zip lock bag so that it can be seen. Zip the bag closed and use packing tape to tape down the top flap of the bag.  You may also safety pin small items to a hanger and hang in the appropriate size section on the clothing racks.  Clothing on racks will sell better than clothing in zip lock bags. Shoes should be zip-tied together if there is a place on the shoes for that or they can be placed in a zip lock bag.

How do I tag my item so that it DOES NOT sell for 1/2 price?

When printing tags, you will be asked if you want your items to be discounted.  If you do not wish for a certain item to go 1/2 price, simply choose ‘NO” when asked about the discount.   The words ‘FULL PRICE’ will appear on your tag below the barcode and our system will automatically charge the shopper full price when checking out. If the words ‘FULL PRICE’ do not appear under the barcode, then that tag will go for 1/2 price on Half Price Day.

How do I know what items I have sold?

Super Hearts Kids Consignment Sale runs in Non-Inventory Mode. This means that no inventory is kept of items that seller’s bring in or sell.  When a seller’s item is sold, the barcode scanner reads the seller’s consignor number and the price.  It then saves all of this information so we know who to pay when checks are mailed out.  At the end of each NIGHT of the sale, we will post your estimated earnings to your Super Hearts account.  This will help give you an idea of how much you have sold. We will also post a detailed Seller’s Report to your account once checks are reconciled.  This report will show how many items you sold and the price that each item sold for and if it was discounted or not.  It WILL NOT include a description of the item as we use non-inventory mode.

How do I know if there are any items left for me to pick up?

There is no way to know for sure if you will have items left over. The best way is to check your estimated earnings that are posted at the end of each sale day. It is extremely rare for a consignor to sell ALL of there items. You should plan to pick up unsold items unless you have tagged EVERYTHING in white tags for donation. If you decide you do not want your items back, please email or text us BEFORE pick-up begins to let us know. Contact information can be found by hovering over ‘Home’ in the menu and clicking contact information.

Why do my estimated earnnings seem lower than expected?

Estimated earnings that are found in your seller account are shown with the base percentage of 70% being applied.  If you are volunteering for a shift or two, then the correct percentage and amount will appear on your detailed Seller’s Report that will be posted once checks are reconciled.

What if I have paid the consignment fee but am now unable to sell my items?

The $10 consignment fee is now taken out of the consignor check at the end of the sale.  This fee is non-refundable.

What happens to donated items?

A majority of donated items are given to FosterCo of Brunswick County.  This organization runs a foster closet that is open to all foster families. Once the foster families have shopped for FREE, then families that are in need are able to shop for FREE as well. Thank you for your consideration in donating your unsold items to those in need.

How many passes do I receive for the Seller’s/Consignor’s sale?

Consignors will receive two wrist bands that can be used for the Seller’s/Consignors sale. One is for you and one it to share.  If you can’t use them, you can give them to someone who can.

Can I still register to consign even though the sale has started?

No. We cannot accept consignor registrations once the sale has began. Registration for consignors stays open until 9am on Wednesday of the sale.

Do you have separate areas for bathing suits, winter coats, etc…?

No. All clothing is placed by size on the racks. We do not separate out clothing. We do have a separate rack for costumes and we provide this rack at our spring and fall sale.

How is clothing broken down by size?

Clothing is separated between boy, girl and juniors. We separate clothing by numerical size. Baby/toddler clothing that is split between two size (i.e. 3/6 months, 6 to 9 months, 18 – 24 months, etc…) should always be hung by the lowest size. So an item that is 18 – 24 months would be hung under the 18 month clothing section.

Do you accept men’s and women’s clothing?

No. We do accept juniors girls clothing and junior boys clothing. Junior girls clothes are hung in the junior girls clothing section and boys junior clothes are hung in the 16+ boys section. Beginning with the Fall 2020 sale. Any women’s or men’s clothing found in the juniors section will be removed from the rack. We do accept men’s and women’s shoes up to size 10+.

Can I bring a guest to the volunteer sale?

Yes. Volunteers are allowed to bring one adult to the volunteer’s sale with them.

Can I bring my children with me to my volunteer shift?

Volunteers CAN NOT bring children with them to work their shifts.  We want the best for your children & we are concerned for their safety.  Volunteers stay very busy during their shift.

Can my teenage child work a shift?

Yes. Children who are 16 years of age or older may volunteer to work a shift. The parent/guardian must also be in the building as a volunteer as well.

If I sign up to volunteer and fail to show-up to my shift, can I still be a volunteer at the next sale?

No. It is extremely important that you work the shift you sign up for.  We count on our volunteers to  run an efficient Sale. People who sign and then fail to work their assigned shift will lose their eligibility for future Sales. *If something comes up last minute and you are unable to work your shift, you can try to find someone else to take your place or you can contact us to let us know you cannot make it. Contact information is found under ‘Home’ in the menu and click on contact information.

Where should I go when I arrive to volunteer for my shift?

Please come into the front of the building and ask for Dana or Robbie.  They will get you checked in and into the position they have available for you.

Where do I check-in when I arrive for the Volunteer Sale?

Please come in to the front of the building and check-in at the front table in the entrance.

Do I get a break during my volunteer shift?

Yes. If you need a break, please let us know. Please eat before arriving or bring snacks with you as there is no food offered in the building.

Are there any sitting jobs?

No. All volunteer shifts require you to be on your feet for the whole three hour shift. If you are not able to stand on your feet for three hours, you can have someone else work in your place and it will count as YOU volunteering.


Can I bring an empty wagon or stroller to use for shopping?

Yes. You may bring an empty wagon or stroller to help hold your items while shopping.

Are bags provided while shopping?

Yes. You are welcome to borrow a large, blue Ikea bag to use while shopping at the sale.

Do you accept checks?

No, we do not accept checks. We accept cash and cards.  Cards will incur a 2.75% fee.

Is there an ATM on site?

Yes.  There is an ATM once you enter the front door.  This ATM is not owned or operated by Super Hearts. It does charge a fee to withdraw cash.

How do I know if a tag is half price at the Half Price Day sale?

All tags will look the exact same as far as printing. If the words “FULL PRICE” appear under the barcode of the tag, then that item WILL NOT go half price.  If there is nothing printed under the barcode, then the tag will be half price.  There will be examples of both types of tags when you enter the sale.

Can prices of items be negotiated?

No. Items are priced by the specific consignors and cannot be changed by anyone.

Do you have a special shopping time for certain individuals?

Yes. Our volunteers shop first, followed by our consignors. We also have a VIP shopping time for those who are expecting, are foster or adoptive parents, first responders, military and teachers.  To shop during this VIP time, you must pre-register by 9am the Wednesday of the sale.  After that, our system closes and can no longer accept VIP registrations. Once registered, the system will give a specific pass to enter the sale.  THIS PASS MUST BE SHOWN AT THE DOOR, either on your phone or printed out on paper.  You will not be able to enter without a pass. NO EXCEPTIONS!