Volunteer Sign-up

Anyone can volunteer!

Thank you for your involvement.

Program Overview: The Volunteer Program provides an opportunity for anyone to work one or two shifts in exchange for early shopping privileges. Volunteers shop before Sellers and the general public. Anyone can join us as a Volunteer. You do not have to be a Seller/Consignor. Consignors that also volunteer a shift or two can increase the percentage that they earn. Please join us!



  • Shop before Sellers and the General Public
  • Avoid waiting time at checkout
  • Purchase the best items for the lowest prices
  • Have first access to one-of-a-kind items
  • Serve your community by working for and with other parents
  • Enter the ½ price day sale 45 minutes early
  • Consignors: earn a higher percentage of the items you sell.  One shift = 75%  Two shifts (including Saturday sorting shift) = 80%


Super Volunteer:

  • Work two (3) hour shifts – one of your choice and the Saturday Sorting/Breakdown Shift
  • Shop FIRST at 3:00pm Wednesday before the Sellers and Public
  • Shop Half Price Day 45 minutes earlier than anyone else
  • If also Consigning – earn 80% of your sold items

Regular Volunteer:

  • Work one (3) hour shift of your choice
  • Shop at 3:30 on Wednesday
  • Shop Half Price Day 45 minutes earlier than anyone else
  • If also Consigning – earn 75% of your sold items

How to Sign Up:

  1. If you are or have been a seller/consignor with us or a past worker, use your consignor number/worker ID and password to login.
  2. If you are not consigning or have never consigned or worked with us before, you will need to create a Non-Consigning Volunteer Account. This is located under the “Login” Button after clicking “Sign up to Volunteer”.
  3. Click on the “Menu” button in the top left hand corner of your account.
  4. Click on “Become a Volunteer”.
  5. Scroll down to available shifts and choose an OPEN shift you would like to work.
  6. Click on “Sign-up”.
  7. Sign the Volunteer Agreement and click “Continue”.
  8. Click “Continue” again.
  9. You can now sign up for another shift if you would like to be a Super Volunteer. Reminder to Sellers/Consignors: to be a Super Volunteer and earn 80% of the items you sell, you must work the sorting/breakdown shift and another shift of your choice.


IMPORTANT: Please sign up to volunteer and for work shifts only if you can 100% commit to the shifts you choose. We count on our volunteers to help the sale run smoothly and we greatly appreciate your time and effort.